Eerste reviews van Motorola CLIQ: goed toestel, matige processor

15 oktober 2009, 9:02
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Eerste reviews van Motorola CLIQ: goed toestel, matige processor
motorola cliq

De eerste reviews van de Motorola CLIQ (die bij ons als DEXT in de winkel ligt) zijn op internet verschenen. Engadget, Gizmodo, CNET en TechCrunch, ze hebben het eerste Android-toestel van Motorola allemaal in handen gehad en zijn over het algemeen positief. Gizmodo werd enthousiast over de MOTOBLUR-interface, maar vond de processor van de CLIQ wat tegenvallen omdat er geen verschil is met eerdere Android-toestellen.

Gizmodo schrijft:

Lees verder na de advertentie.

…the major thing holding back the Cliq from being a fantastic phone is the processor. The animations are smooth, the UI touches are smart and the social networking stuff is useful; we just wish we could have a bit more account customization, do all of that on faster hardware.

CNET heeft een filmpje gemaakt en zegt over MOTOBLUR:

Though having all your information in one place is convenient, the overall effect can be overwhelming. Its performance also could be better and the Android OS saddles the phone with a few limitations.

Engadget is tevreden over de CLIQ, maar houdt de portemonnee nog even op zak omdat dit toestel toch nog niet helemaal ‘af’ is:

…we’d keep our wallets in our pockets for the time being — the CLIQ looks and feels like a testbed, not quite ready for primetime but a genuinely heartening sign that Moto’s still got a pulse.

TechCrunch vergeleek de CLIQ met de G1:

I`ve had a few days to play with the CLIQ and came away refreshed and hopeful. This phone is better than the G1 on all fronts but there is still a ways to go for it to beat out some of HTC`s upcoming Android offerings. Motorola didn`t hit it out of the ballpark on this one, but they`re still in the game.

Walt Mossberg van The Wall Street Journal, die eerder de HTC Hero aanraadde als beste Android-toestel, had wat persoonlijke moeite met de CLIQ:

In my tests, all of these Blur features worked nicely and proved handy, except that I couldn`t get it to consolidate both of my Gmail accounts. My biggest gripe was with the physical keyboard, which I found cramped and hard to use.

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